Sunday, January 06, 2008

Happy New Year!

Oh jeez, over a month since I last wrote. I meant to remind you of menu for hope, which I somehow sadly managed to miss this year (will make up next year!), I meant to post at least a Christmas message, if not a recipe, something, anything...

Ah well, sometimes things slide. And now a super fresh new year lies tantalisingly before me (I still fall every January for the promise of the new and improved). I won't repeat last year's attempt to keep myself disciplined and hemmed into my self-promises though. This year, things will just go as they go I think. Though this humble little site hasn't quite lived up to my dreams of it in terms of content, it has been much more rewarding and challenging and fun than I imagined, and I feel now I know better where I want to go with it and what I want to do and say.

I have been enormously cheered by those of you who have visited and commented this year. It makes it all so much more enjoyable. I really truly appreciate each kind word left and feel uplifted by each visit on the counter. And I have been hugely inspired by all those others out there in food blog world producing such treats for eyes and brain at a rate much faster than I can digest it all. May it all continue and grow.

And the very very best wishes to you and yours for 2008. Happy New Year!


cook eat FRET said...

well said - and i too appreciate any and all comments from the blogworld. there is something about this blogging business that does feel rewarding, especially when you feel you've made contact.

i am a fan of your blog and it's nice to know you.

happy '08!

Kylli said...

I think your blog is great as well..........when I remember to read it, but it makes me hungry. I whs you lived a bit closer than the other side of the world so you could cook up for a feast for your hungry pregnant sister!!

lydia saucepan said...

awww! thank you!