Monday, July 31, 2006

Good company

"Hmmm", said the walnut bread to the curly lettuce, "the two of us make a pretty good pair, don’t we? With your crispy freshness and my rich nutty denseness. But I’m just wondering whether we wouldn’t benefit from another friend or two?"

"You’re right", said the curly lettuce to the walnut bread, "I do think a slice of tart goat’s cheese, brushed with manuka honey and grilled to bubbling perfection would sit just beautifully atop your rich nutty denseness."

"Oh yes!", cried the walnut bread, "how perfect. And then, imagine, a shower of shining pomegranate seeds, to contrast with the creaminess..."

"And", added the curly lettuce, "just the briefest splash of vinaigrette."

And both lettuce and walnut bread sighed at the happy creation of gastronomic delight.

And thus was born one of my favourite speedy salads of the summer...

Marie’s Goat and Pom Salad*

  • Several leaves of roughly torn lettuce on a plate (I prefer the curly type with its bright green, crispy and tasty base)

  • One slice thickly cut, toasted walnut bread

  • Atop which, one slice goat’s cheese, brushed with honey and grilled

  • Scatter over a handful of pomegranate seeds

  • A light balsamic dressing (just olive oil and balsamic vinegar) completes it

*thus named because this one was really little sister saucepan’s creation

1 comment:

Little sister saucepan said...

Oh, you named it after me. I should now have a log in which calls me little sister saucepan. I like it! Bought some pomegranate molasses so any time you fancy coming over and trying this with a bit of molassess :)