Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Yay - how cool is my lunch box?

I got...

Homemade bread, Moro Carrot Salad, Rhubarb and strawberry compote...
The carrot salad is straight out of the first Moro book and has been put to service a good few times now because it's really very good. You just:
  1. boil 4 or 5 (preferably oldish) carrots, whole with their skins and tops and tails on until soft
  2. when cooked, let them cool, and then scrape the skins off with fingers or knife and slice
  3. toast a couple of teaspoons of cumin seeds in a dry pan over a low heat until fragrant and starting to colour
  4. bash up the cumin seeds a little, and add to the juice of one lemon and about an equal amount of olive oil (and some chopped garlic if you so desire)
  5. Mix the carrots with a big bunch of chopped coriander and the dressing

Lovely as part of a mixed mezze

As for rhubarb and strawberries, well you don't need me to tell you how good those two are together - I just boil them with a little brown sugar and freshly squeezed orange juice. But if you fancy something in a whole different league of rhubarb and strawberry chic check out this incredibly beautiful creation from La Tartine Gourmand's talented Bea...

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